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Noel is a freelance photographer with over 30 years of extensive experience.  Wildlife, Wilderness, Marine, Conservation Photography, Naturalist. Traveling to remote regions ranging from the Arctic to Antarctica.

Noel is an experienced speaker, naturalist, explorer and field guide.

She was born in the Pacific Northwest Islands, trained in the fine arts, having explored the natural world all her life. 

Her photographs have won numerous awards, appear in publications and galleries, with images held in private collections throughout the world.

Antarctica ~
"Thank you Noel for an outstanding presentation.  You bring us with you to the voyage, the landscapes, the animals. and the personal experience. The images are so beautiful and so fascinating. And you provide valuable information and context about the dire threats to that unique environment".
- Stan

"Awesome presentation with spectacular images. Really, really enjoyed the educational piece. Exceptional..."
- Judy G.
Aleutian Islands, Alaska ~
Noel with
Red Tail Hawk "Litha"
"Wonderful presentation, thank you Noel. Hopefully your wonderful photos can help people wake up to the reality of climate change".
- June S.

"Phenomenal presentation!! Not only spectacular photos, but I learned so much about the Antarctic, the wildlife there, and sadly, the decline of the ecosystem due to climate change. Loved every minute of it! Thanks Noel!"
- Lee T.
Noel's images have appeared in many publications; Audubon, Science Daily, World Wildlife Fund, WikiWorldBooks, CD Covers, Hoverlink LLC, Seattle Times, Anchorage News, LA Times, Yellowstone Safari, Aleutians East Borough, Photo Direct London, Brackendale Eagle Conservation, Picture House Global Images, Sound Waters, Washington State University, NNNP, The Examiner, The Find, Grizzly News, Ranger Rick, Associated Press, Noland Soft, Popular Science, Madigan Hospital, Marshall Safari, Great Lakes History, The Underground, San Juan Wilderness, CD Universe, Dawhoise, Trident Seafoods, Skateboards Board and Rider, MD Solutions International, Adventures Panama, BTN Market, RWB, and many more.

Noel is also the Founder of Northwest Nature & Wildlife Photography group.  A not for profit photographic group for all skill levels.  The "NNWP" is for photographers of all skill levels to explore, share and learn from one another.  Offering outings, learnings, lectrues and oppourtunity to grow within a community of like folks.  A great success, the membership exceeds 700.

Experienced lecturer / speaker
An experienced lecturer; photography, wildlife conservation, digital processing, remote travel. 
A few publications
"Science teaches the need for conservation,
Photography supports communicating this fact to the world"
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